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We always have birds at Animal Exchange, from tiny finches to young parakeets and hand fed cockatiels to Artie the black palm cockatoo. Birds make excellent pets and companions. All of the parrots (including the parakeets) can learn to talk and love both attention and human interaction. Our store president Ruth Hanessian got her first parakeet when she was 10 years old and has loved birds ever since.

When kept as a single pet, many parrots will learn to speak, spend hours on your shoulder supervising your activities and become an intelligent and delightful member of your family.

Birds don't see glass the way we do. Trimming the feathers on one wing of your bird will avoid fatal flights into the window by keeping them unbalanced in their flying and slowing their speed. There are many advantages to wing clipping and Animal Exchange will be glad to trim feathers for you and teach you how to do it yourself.

Most of our birds come from local breeders in the community around us. In many cases we have provided their breeding stock during our 27 years in business.

We have several walls full of bird toys as well as treats and snacks, cages including very nice large cages for your big bird, spray millet for all size birds, and our custom blends of bird seed.

We recommend feeding our custom blends of bird seed. They are a high quality seed mix that has more of the seeds that the birds need and less filler seeds. Because of this your bird does not need to eat as much of it as it would a lower quality seed, making this an economical choice. You can also freeze our seed to keep it fresh for long periods of time. Feeding these healthier seeds we have one customer who has a 21 year old parakeet, and another with a 31 year old cockatiel. We try to make sure that all of our birds live a long healthy and happy life.

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