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Fish and Herptiles

Our fish and herptile section is fairly small but highly selective. We almost always have goldfish, betta fish (siamese fighting fish), firebellied frogs, hermit crabs and anoles (American chameleon.) We also often have locally raised bearded dragons and leopard geckos.

There are crickets available in two sizes for your reptile needs as well as wax worms, and regular and super meal worms. We also have a selection of heat sources and other supplies for your pet.

Light and heat are very important for your pet reptile, the natural UV spectrum provided by the sun or by a Vita Lite (which we have in the store) is essential for calcium and vitamin D metabolism. Without UV your animal may develop rubbery bones and not survive. Be sure when you have a pet you know it's light requirements.

Heat is just as important, less heat and your cold blooded lizard will eat less, be more lethargic and will not grow as fast. It is important to know what temperature is ideal for your pet's health.

Fish food is up front in the glass display case.

For more information on fish and herptiles:

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