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Reptile Tip Sheet

How hot is it?  You can't tell without a thermometer, and that's the very first thing we ask when there is a problem with a reptile.  The temperature of the environment determines how active a reptile is, how often it eats, and how successfully it digests its food. Be sure you have a thermometer for any reptile environment.

How did it get out?  Many reptiles, especially snakes, are wonderful escape artists.  Be sure your cage is secure--with no escape holes and with appropriate locks.

What should it eat?  While some reptiles (iguanas, bearded dragons, turtles, etc.) eat fruits and vegetables, the majority are carnivores.  Specific diets for each species are described in books available at Animal Exchange.  Always be concerned about calcium metabolism in any reptile.  Vitamin D and an ultraviolet light are important to insure adequate absorption.

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