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Store Hours:
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Wed., Fri., Sat 10-6
Sun 11-3
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(301) 424-7387


Services available are:

Wing and nail clipping for birds and small animals. (note: we do not do very large birds such as amazons or macaws.)

Set up an appointment for bird grooming with Ruth by calling the store at (301) 424-PETS.

Boarding Birds

We love to have your pet visit however our space limits the cages we can handle.

10-gallon Tanks Okay
Our Hagan Guinea Pig Cage Okay - no homemade cages
Bird Cages no larger than 18x18x22 inches high

While your pet is here, there are so many other animals (including people), and things to see that they really don't need toys. Please remove toys from your pet's home before you bring your pet in. This eliminates the danger of the pet being injured by dangling toys hitting them on the head while being transported in your car. Empty all water bowls and bottles. We will refill them as soon as they are settled.

All animals coming in to board must be in good health. Any special directions must be written on our "boarding slip."

We feed treats routinely - usually carrots, kale or bok choy. Special diets will be accommodated at an extra charge. There will be an extra charge for unusually difficult cages and cages that are not clean when they arrive.

If you can call us an hour before picking up your pet, we will try to have it ready to go when you arrive.

Please note our new hours at the top of the page. We are closed on Tuesdays.

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