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Animal Exchange Words on Birds' Food

You are what you eat and your bird is what it eats. Therefore we at Animal Exchange have focused since 1979 on providing the highest quality food for our birds. We hope that you can benefit from our experience.

Any birds we sell are on a clean seed diet that has no dye. It may have dried greens, bits of carrots or other fruits & veggies but NO DYE. Artificially enhanced products have never seemed reasonable to me and since we have always chosen the highest quality seeds houses to prepare our formulas we are confident they are the best available. Do we sell other products? Yes, but we will be glad to show you why we think ours are better. If you care about your pet, please continue to feed our own mixes.

Should you feed table food?
Yes! In fact everything you eat can be shared with your bird, except avocado. And just like people, birds are social eaters so expect them to hit the food line when you do!

We spend a lot of time preparing our food before we eat. If birds were in the wild they would have to invest time locating their meals. In a cage, the food cup is often right next to the perch, full of food all the time. What if you eat at the table all day. I know I'd be even heavier than I am.

Give your birds a challenge to find their food. We have toys you can fill with treats, honey stix and different seed cups. Move things around so the bird has to go up, down and around to get what it wants. Put what you want them to eat up high, staples down low. All of this adds to the enrichment of their life.


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